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"I love these. One of the issues I had was, I couldn't afford a game table, but this fits in my wheel house.  I can take it to my friends home, because its portable. I also noticed after playing on it, the rails supported me and my back is no longer bothering me."

 Lewis Herbeck,
Avid Gamer, Texas

"I think they are absolutely fantastic and are beautifully crafted, you would never know it's sitting on you own table. It has lots of little extras; like a place for your cards, your drinks, and components. We just love ours!"

Trae & Mariana Lenox,
Avid Gamer, Texas

"I  never get tired of telling people how great Game Toppers are. I truly believe in the product and the company!

 Jamie Keagie,
Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast, PA

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"Burky, We can't thank you enough! This things is amazing!  You are not kidding that this upgrades every game you play. We are beyond estatic! We never thought we could afford something of this high quality!
Mark Andrews,
Avid Gamer, MI

Congratulations Ryan Long on being the winner of the Game Topper 2018

give-a- away!!!

"I am so estatic, WOW - for real?! I enter quite a few of these exciting board game giveaways to fuel my insatiable love for the hobby and I won the most excitingest?! Guys, I'm over the moon. My table is a far cry from ideal for gaming and this is literally a lifechanger... "

Ryan Long

Avid Gamer, MN


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