#1 selling gen 3 Pirate Mat by Yaroslav

Volcano by Joshua Callaoway

Cthulhu by Jeff Preston

Top selling Ryan Lauket Mat

Battleground by Jay Shelanskey

Starfield by Jay Shelansky

The Great Wall by Vincent Dutrait

Secret Cabal Red Mat

Nature by Amber Scharf

Texas Holdem Mat 

"Scythe inspired"  Resource Mat 

 Not an official Stonemaier Games product/project

War Terrain Green Mat 

Game Toppers LLC.

Upgrading your gaming experience!

Our Popular selling  Space Mat 

Ancient Egypt by Yaroslav

#1 seller 1st gen  Adventure Mat 

Desert Dunes by Jay Shelanskey

# 1 Selling 4th  Horror mat by John  Mc Cambridge

Lost Worlds Jungle mat by Vincent Dutrait

All new Fantasy Mat

Mars by Jay Shelanskey

​​Thematic game mats on sale now!  We generally ship within 2-3 business days of your order.

Roman themed by Yaroslav

Top selling D & D Dungeon Mat  1 in squares

Old West train themed  Mat by Javier InkGolem

Top selling Red or Blue or Steel Gray  See pattern above ( the pattern is lighter in blue.)  It is a very nice pattern that makes game components "pop" very nicely. You can see game set up on these mats by clicking on Game Topper Models banners  on our  Products page to see different games setup up on different mats.

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Our 2nd gen #1 selling  Viking Mat 

Water mat by Jay Shelanskey

Ctuthlu Mat

All new High Res Wood Grain Mat 

Our gaming mats are some of the finest around with extra features like,

3.6 mm high density neoprene, skid-free backing, heat sublimated graphics with water and stain resistance properties, precise size within 2mm and double stitched edges to insure long life with out cracking or fraying..

​​Mats Sizes are as follows:

Hudson-   30"  x 38"

Lestrade-  36" x 36"

Adler -        36" x 48"

​Watson -   38" x 60"

Holmes -   36" x 72"

Moriarty- 48" x 48"

Mycroft -  48" x 72"

Watson XL -38" x 84"

Holmes XL -36" x 96"

Mycroft XL -48" x 96"

3 ft x 5ft mat 

30" x 72" Crimson red

Not all styles are available in every size

New 14" x 24" playmat in Crimson Red  & Black.