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What Gamers are Saying About Us...

"I love these. One of the issues I had was, I couldn't afford a game table, but this fits in my wheel house.  I can take it to my friends home, because its portable. I also noticed after playing on it, the rails supported me and my back is no longer bothering me."


Lewis Herbeck,

Avid Gamer, Texas

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Have no fear! 

 " Game Toppers is probably one of the most innovative things that happened to board games in the last decade." 

Gil Melo - Dice Tower contributor and TheGeekSpiel co-host

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

In order to provide a quality  gaming experience, it took over a year of dedicated effort, working with industry insiders and professional engineers to develop Game Toppers. This thoughtfully designed  solution keeps affordability in mind, but also provides special features gamers desire while not sacrificing quality.

Game Toppers big hit in 2019 at Gencon, Origins, BGG CON, Dice Tower Con, Grand Con, Geekway, & SaltCon. We are everywhere!

CGE, Arcane Wonders, CMON Games, Grey Fox Games, North Star,

 and many others demonstrated their newest games in luxury.

Delivery in 2-3 business days!

  • Modular Cup Holders & Accessory Trays
  • Powder Coat FinishPremium Stains & Wood Finishes to ensure durability
  • Military Grade Aluminum for precise tolerances and strength
  • Thematic Gaming Mats enhance the gaming experience
  • Stable "non-slip" Performance while protecting your existing table's surface

Man vrs Meeple

"I think they are absolutely fantastic and are beautifully crafted, you would never know it's sitting on you own table. It has lots of little extras; like a place for your cards, your drinks, and components. We just love ours!"

Trae & Mariana Lenox,
Avid Gamer, Texas

Barry Doublet Board Games Everybody Should

It has totally changed our gaming experience. We very rarely turn on the TV anymore because we are way more likely to game. We leave ours up permanently! Awesome product and couldn’t be happier with it.


Jay Weasner,




The Dice Tower

 "The GameTopper we used for live streaming at Southern Board Game Fest was a big hit! The premium mat made playing card games easier and turned ordinary plastic gaming tables into superb gaming experiences."

 BJ from Board Game Gumbo  

Turn your own kitchen or dining room table into a premium, portable game solution with all the features of a high end gaming table at a fraction of the cost.


Over 145 table were covered with Game Topper  premium 3 mm stitched game mats featuring Crit the Origins mascot. People loved it!!! 

Argueably the largest game fair in the world had Game Toppers everywhere. CMON, AEG, Portal Games, Mythic Games, & Syther Gaming.  The show was a huge success now offering international fulfillment in  18 countries in Europe!!! 

"I really like Burky's mats. Burky has some of the best game mats in the business, period!"

Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower
Crowdsurfing, 2019

Origins Game Fair and Game Toppers form a 3 year Partnership.

How do they work?

Essen Spiel Game Fair  in Germany loved Game Toppers 

"Burky, We can't thank you enough! This things is amazing!  You are not kidding that this upgrades every game you play. We are beyond estatic! We never thought we could afford something of this high quality!

Mark Andrews,
Avid Gamer, MI