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In order to provide a quality  gaming experience, it took over a year of dedicated effort, working with industry insiders and professional engineers to develop Game Toppers. This thoughtfully designed  solution keeps affordability in mind, but also provides special features gamers desire while not sacrificing quality.

The Dice Tower

Turn your own kitchen or dining room table into a premium, portable game solution with all the features of a high end gaming table at a fraction of the cost.

Game Toppers just finished a successful Kickstarter for the 4th time. Our Late pledge manager is open June 2nd for you to take advantage of our KS 3.5 specials and unlocked stretch Goals.

  • All New Leg Kits
  • New Dining Covers
  • New Premium Gaming Mats
  • New Options and Accessories
  • Amazing Package Deals
  • Stretch Goals Galore

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  • Modular Cup Holders & Accessory Trays
  • Powder Coat FinishPremium Stains & Wood Finishes to ensure durability
  • Military Grade Aluminum for precise tolerances and strength
  • Thematic Gaming Mats enhance the gaming experience
  • Stable "non-slip" Performance while protecting your existing table's surface


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