Our CYBER CHRISTMAS SALE provides you a 15 % to-20 % discount on the following...

 Buy any 2 Premium 3mm Thematic mats of any size   Receive 20 % OFF.

Buy any Accessory (HDPE cup holders, Dogmight Poker Trays, Daedalus Dice Towers or Player shields, Game Topper Storage Bags or

Rail Bundles Receive 15 % OFF

Accessory Bundles; Elementary, Sleuth, Persian Slipper, Virtuoso, Chalice Bundles receive 15% OFF

Exclusions: Sale Discounts do not apply to Topper purchases or Scotland Yard Package or Deluxe retail Bundle, Baker Street Package or Reichenbach Falls Package due to already highly discounted price.

Offer is on good on current stock items while they last. Many items are very low availability, if we are out of stock it will not be back-ordered, but a substitute will be possible if desired. Your cards will not be charged before notification if any out of stock situation arise. We will notify you any out of stock situations as they arise. Generally speaking if you see it in your options it is available.

You must select this option when you order to receive this discount so we can process your order. Orders received before Dec 12th should arrive before Christmas. shipping charges are as stated with each item.

This offer is only good till Dec 31st, 2018.  Not to be combined with any other offer.Type your paragraph here.

Thematic Game Mats

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HDPE Accessory Trays

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